The A2C2 IGERT focuses on three key areas to train students comprehensively in the challenges of abrupt climate change (ACC)

  • Dynamics of the global climate system
  • Response of organisms and ecosystems to climate change
  • Human dimensions (past, present, and future) of climate change, with a special focus on environmental security

A2C2 IGERT trainees will develop research projects that address the following core questions

  • How does ACC alter the dynamics of coupled natural and human (CNH) systems?
  • How do we inform policy and management to improve environmental security by enhancing resilience and adaptation of CNH systems experiencing ACC?

*All A2C2 IGERT trainees complete/participate in:

  • Dissertation Research Grounded in a Core Academic Discipline
  • The Core A2C2 Curriculum of Interdisciplinary Courses in (UMaine Grad Course Catalog)
    • Climate and the Earth System (ERS 542)
    • International Environmental Economics and Policy (ECO 590)
    • Human Dimensions of Climate Change (ANT 530)
    • Ecological Effects of Climate Change (INT 500)
    • Environmental Security (SPI 590)
    • Resource Management in a Cross-Cultural Perspective (ANT 555)
    • Research Skills Seminar (INT 598)
    • Complex Systems (taken at the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI))
  • A Collaborative Research Project with a Team of Their Fellow A2C2 IGERT Trainees
  • A Professional Policy or Management Internship with an A2C2 Adaptation Partner
  • Opportunities for International Study and/or Research
  • Our Annual A2C2 IGERT Retreat

Ultimately, the A2C2 IGERT will train a group of leaders and experts who will make significant professional contributions in facilitating a paradigm shift in the way that policy makers and managers conceptualize climate change.